Dream On Enterprises.
Who We Are & How We Got Here

As a child I DREAMED of becoming an artist, and actor or a musician. But I remember being told, "that's no way to make a living, it's a hobby!" I loved to paint and sing and I was one of those kids who lived for television commercials, rather than the actual T.V. programs. I'd sing and make up jingles, draw story boards, make up skits and videotape my friends & I acting them out. In middle school, a speaker from a local advertising agency spoke to my seventh grade class. Five minutes into the speech I was hooked. I'd set my sights on Advertising. It was the perfect combination of entertainment, communication and art to me. Still is.

I realized my first DREAM in 1997 when I earned a Journalism/Advertising
degree from Sam Houston State University. During my last semester I had gained an internship with an up and coming creative shop in Southwest Houston, and following graduation, they offered me a job. I loved it, I started as at the bottom, but I didn't care. I worked with some of the most creative people in the biz -- writers, artists and marketing gurus and I DREAMED of becoming one myself someday. I just couldn't decide what part I loved the most. I worked in media, marketing, production, design, radio, tv, internet, trademarking & more. You name it, I did it. I loved working with Scripps Clinic in California, Kelsey Seybold Clinic in Houston, Coastal Banc, Trendmaker Homes, Marble Slab Creamery and St. Arnold Beer. Over the course of 3 years, I advanced from Intern, to Receptionist, to Account Coordinator, to Production Artist.

But soon my love began to fade. The market began to show signs of slowing down and in response the ad industry had grown very competitive. Winning awards became necessary for agencies to succeed. But what about the clients? Wasn't any one concerned about their successes? Egos soared and tempers flaired and I remember one of the great quotes around the agency was "Advertising would be great if it wasn't for the clients." For creatives and executives alike the mantra was "kill or be killed" and "C.Y.A.". It was becoming clear that it was going to take more than hard work, talent and a creative mind to get ahead in this town. An art director once said to me, "you have to have thick skin if you want to make it in this industry." My creative spirit was getting trampled on. I was fed up. I'd had it with the rat race and the big city. I needed to slow down, I needed some fresh air.

So my husband and I moved to Austin, Texas where trees and nature rule and people greet you with a smile rather than sneer. It was just what I needed. We bought and remodeled a spacious old home with a yard full of pine trees out in the suburbs. I got a job with a small agency in town that specialized in community service, pro bono and state agency work. There, I felt like I was making a difference. I really enjoyed doing graphic design and project management for the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities public awareness campaigns, and Tech Prep, Education that Works and the Statewide School-to-Careers Initiative (where I served as the statewide coordinator for the Texas Job Shadow Day Program for three years). I worked with Austin Cancer Centers promoting new Cancer treatment technology and I felt good about what I was doing. This agency let me do it all, marketing, website design, graphic design, radio production. They mentored me in many fields and let me grow into each area at my own pace. Of course there I also learned about the red tape and government paperwork, the art of loopholes and politics.
But Awards were considered a by-product of the work. If clients were successful, so were they.

After three great years in Austin, my husband and I decided start working on another DREAM of ours, a family. After our son Evan was born, we decided to move back home to Houston to be closer to our family and friends. His birth changed our lives and we realized that miracles can happen and DREAMS do come true. We decided to start the business that we'd been DREAMING about for years. We teamed together to combine our skills, experience and contacts in radio and video production, public speaking and advertising, marketing, websites, graphic design and management to create DreamOn Enterprises.

Our Philosophy

During the decade that we've
been in the Communications industry, my husband and I have met and worked with so many creative people that really want to do good work and good things. They remind us that good advertising doesn't have to be about egos and they helped inspire the creation of DreamOn Enterprises. Those copywriters, art directors, marketing gurus, website designers and developers and artists have teamed with us to make DreamOn Enterprises a reality. And thanks to technology, we are able to exist virtually, with little overhead, to offer most of the services of an ad agency, a creative shop, a website developer, videographer and more, at a fraction of the cost.

At DreamOn Enterprises, you won't find inflated egos, you won't get buried in a sea of paperwork and you won't get charged outrageous prices for your DREAMS and ideas. You will get quality products and work with professionals. Our goal is to help make your DREAMS a reality, whatever it takes. So go ahead, DreamOn, and then give us a call to make those DREAMS come true. Please give us a call at 281-361-7139 if you'd like to schedule a free consultation or e-mail us at info@dreamonent.com

Christy Archer Janacek
Owner/Graphic Designer/Marketing Manager


Graphic Design

Flyers & Direct Mail
Business cards & Letterhead

Ad Copy

Website Development
Search Engine Optimization
Electronic Newsletters

Media Placement & Negotiation
Freelance Account Service,

Planning and Management
Trademark Consulting/Coordination


Custom Illustrations
Mural Creation
Photo Retouching & Enhancement
And more


Event Planning
Public Relations
Radio & TV Production

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