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Summer 2012 - "Art. Dance. Love"

art camp thumb
jazz class silhouettes
Summer Camp Poster Promo
Class creating silhouettes
mina silhouettes
mina jazz
Boy and Girl Silhouettes
Student with Silhouette
jazz silhouettes class
ashton jazz
More Student Jazz Dance Silhouettes
Fall 2010 - Moonlight Magic & Mythical Creatures

"MidSummer Nights Dream"
(Acrylic's on Canvas Board)

"MidSummer Nights Dream"
(Acrylic's on Canvas Board)
midsummer nights dream painting
michaels midnight summers dream
midnight summers dream gallery
mythical creature gallery
Create Your Own mythical Creature - "CatSnake" (Collage)
Create Your Own Mythical Creature "EagleLion" (Collage)
cat snake

Stormy Sea's Mermaid (Study of Water & Sky - Watercolor Pencil)

Stormy Sea's Sea Serpent (Study of Water & Sky - Watercolor Pencil)
stormy mermaid
sea serpent
Fairy & Brownie Houses - Architectural sculpting using recycled bottles, organic materials & miniature objects
fairyhouse gatorade
brownie house pumpkin patch
Spring 2010 Intro to Painting - "Spanish Inspirations"
Study of Surrealism "Melting Clocks, with Alien" Watercolor & Charcoal (inspired by "Persistance of Memory - Salvador Dali"
Study of Cubism - "Clifford on Chaise Lounge" in Watercolor & Pastel (inspired by Pablo Picasso)
Clocks melting thumbnail
cubism clifford
"Who Am I - Self Portraits" - Acrylic on Canvasboard (inspired by Frida Kahlo)
Sunset Mural - Acrylics on Canvas Group Mural
(Inspired by Diego Rivera's "Evening at Twilight Acapulco")
kahlo self portrait
mural thumbnail
Fall 2009 - "Clayworks - Back in Time"
indian potter
Native American Inspired Pottery
Native American Inspired Pottery

Egyptian Cartouche (nameplate)

Egyptian Cartouches & Bead
Jewelry Display
DinoScapes - Group
DinoScape - Teradactyl nest

Greek Roman Bust Sculpture

Greek/Roman Bust table display


Paint Birthday Party "Waterlilies (inspired by Monet)"
girls painting with ms. christy
Birthday Girl Painting "Waterlilies (inspired by Monet)"
Instructor teaches party guests
quick shading techniques
girls paint in the sun
kids party girl
Party Girls Adding details
Party Girl - Getting
in the background
Summer II - "I Love the 80's" Art Camp
tie dye lesson
tie dye demo thumb
Tie Dye Finished Projects
Tie Dye Lesson
tie dye boys thumb
girl 80s
Tie Dye Boys
80's Hair, Makeup & Costuming
Material Girl
punk rock boy
Gem Ruby
80's Hair, Makeup & Costuming
Rock a Billy Boy
80's Hair, Makeup & Costuming
Pop Star
new wave boy
pizza making
80's Hair, Makeup & Costuming
New Wave Boy
Camper Making Pizza
kids make pizza
water day
Campers Making Pizza
Water Day!!!
80s movies girls
summer boys
I love the 80's Movie Time - Girls
80's Movies Boys
Summer # 1 2009 - Art from the East (more pics coming soon)
Bas Relief Dragon Sculputure
Oragami Frogs, Lilly Pad,
Watercolor Pond
sumi-e painting
sumi-e ink tray
Student Sumi-e painting on Rice Paper Sumi Ink Stick & Grinding Stone (Suzuri)  
Paper Mache Kabuki Masks
Sumi-e on Rice Paper "bamboo"
sumi micheal
Spring I Session 09 ANA Photos
Art Gallery Exhibition
Event Student Staff
Van Gogh Inspired
Expressionism Self Portrait T-shirts
Matisse Inspired Four Seasons
Pastel Impressionist Scenes based on MONET's Garden at Sainte-Adresse 1867
Culinary Art Lesson - Cake Decor
Inspired by Matisse's Icarus
Pastel Impressionist Scene
Sunset over the park

Cake Decor Finished Piece
Inspired by Matisse's Icarus

Culinary Art Lesson - Cake Decor
Inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night
cat dragon
Mysterious Cat Dragon
Snake on Empire State & Flying Ants
Impressionism at the Park
Duckpond trees and sky
Impressionism at the Park
Duckpond dark sky
Impressionism at the Park
Duckpond through Gazebo wall
Impressionism at the Park
Duckpond and road above
Impressionism at the Park
Dad leaning on the Tree
Impressionism at the Park
Two Trees & Hill
circle of life

Fresco "Over the Head" Paintings
Inspired by Michelangelo's Creation
"Heart Love"

Fresco "Over the Head" Paintings
Inspired by Michelangelo's Creation
"Circle of Life"
Spring 1 Art Gallery Exhibits
Spring 1 Art Gallery Exhibits
Holiday Session ANA Photos 08


Fall ANA Class Photos 08

Fall Gallery Exhibition 2008


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